ROTARY FOUNDATION AND D6400 GRANTS    This page contains application and report forms for the Rotary Foundation and D6400 grants.  Details on eligibility, deadlines and funding can be found in the application forms.  In order to be eligible for a grant your club must be qualified and that means that at least two of your club members attended a grant management seminar.  In order to receive support from the District Designated Funds (DDF) your club must have contributed at least USD $100 per capita to the Annual Fund of the Rotary Foundation.  Please note that the Rotary Foundation District Community Grants are funded by DDF and the District match for Global Grants is also funded by DDF.

The District Rotary Foundation Committee grants team would like to thank all the clubs that are participating in the 2022-23 D6400 District Grants program.  Rick Caron, District 6400 Grants Chair coordinated the grant request process.  The club grant requests were reviewed and all were approved by the District Rotary Foundation Committee voting members – Sue Goldsen, Chair; PDG Rick Caron, PDG Neil McBeth, AG Margaret Wiliamson, DG Traci Sincock and DGE Russ Jones.

Report from the District Rotary Foundation Committee    As the Rotary year changes so does membership on committees.  Please note the new DRFC Committee for the 2023-24 year

The 2023-2024  DRFC organizational chart can be found at this link     2023-2024DRFC Org Chart download here

and the new policy on committee structure can be found at this link.  DDF ALLOCATION POLICIES Click here 

 The Rotary Foundation District Community Grants:  The Rotary Foundation funds district community grants that pay for scholarships, travel, and projects that all align with our mission to help Rotarians contribute to world understanding, goodwill, and peace by improving people’s health, supporting education, and alleviating poverty.

D6400 Endowed Water Fund Jennifer Jones and Nicholas Krayacich Pooled Funds for Water and Sanitation  Endowed / Directed Gift E10953” WATER FUND POLICIES click here.

The links give you access to the documents should you wish to read more.

July 1, 2020 marks a dramatic, and, perhaps, permanent change to the way the Rotary Foundation (TRF) funds global grants.  As of now, TRF will no longer match cash contributions.  This has had a dramatic impact on our global grant applications that have not yet reached the “Authorization Required” phase of the process.  Also, for our Canadian Clubs, the Government of Canada (GoC) matching program has been depleted of funds and there is no commitment for new funds.  As an example, a club contribution of $10K with a DDF match of $10K would get a GoC match of $20K and a TRF match of $25K for a $65K grant.  Without the GoC match and with TRF only matching DDF, the grant total is $30K.  The impact can be substantial.

But Global Grants remain an excellent way of doing good in the world.  In 2019-2020 our District and 12 clubs have been involved with other clubs in other districts in 11 approved Global grants with projects in 6 countries for a total of $2,111,746.  The most recent approval is Rotary Club of Detroit in partnership with the Rotary Club of Bombay with a total budget of $263,540 to “provide: (i) ergonomically designed group handwashing facilities, (ii) indoctrination, behaviourial change communication and training in benefits of handwashing to primary and secondary rural school students, teaching staff & school management committees and to parents and (iii) menstrual hygiene management to adolescent girls and female teachers.”  Congratulations to Detroit and all the clubs involved in the approved grants.  Next year promises a continuation of this trend with 20 applications in various pre-approval stages.

Congratulations to the 30 clubs involved in application for a District Community Grant from the Rotary Foundation.  Approval for all the applications was received on July 21, 2023.  You are now free to complete your project.  This year we had 19 single club applications and 5 collaborative club applications.  The total value of all grants received is $111,280, with $54,087 of that total given by the Rotary Foundation through the District Designated Funds earned by your contributions to the Annual Fund.   2023-24 DCG Full Club list of grants approved Click here 


Use the appropriate link below to get the application form for The Rotary Foundation District Community Grants for either a single club application or a collaborative application (2 – 4 clubs).  The application deadline is May 30 for projects planned in the next Rotary year.

District Community Grant App – Single Club download here

District Community Grant App – Collaborative download here

When the grant is complete use the link to get the form to create the final report.  Also, please send 2 – 3 pictures of the project, especially of Rotarians at work, with your final report.  The report and photos must be sent to by May 30 of the Rotary year in which the project was completed.

District Community Grant Final Report Form  Individual and Collaborative  download here 

Global Grants

Global grants support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary’s . By working together to respond to real community needs, clubs and districts strengthen their global partnerships.

Read for detailed information on planning your project, applying for a grant to fund it, carrying it out, and reporting on your progress and outcome.

Full information in Global Grants is available at


GLOBAL GRANT SCHOLARSHIP   The Rotary Foundation funds scholarships with global grants and district grants.  For information about district grant scholarships, clubs should contact their
district Rotary Foundation committee, and districts should refer to
District Grants Scholarship Best
Through global grants, Rotary members can support future leaders in fields related to the
areas of focus:
• Peacebuilding and conflict prevention

• Disease prevention and treatment

• Water, sanitation, and hygiene

• Maternal and child health

• Basic education and literacy

• Community economic development

• Environment

Global grant scholarships fund graduatelevel coursework or research for one to four academic years. A key feature of global grants is the partnership between the district or club in the study location (host sponsor) and the district or club in the scholar’s home country (international sponsor). Both sponsorsmust be qualified before they can submit an application.

Letter to Presidents/CLUBS – Global Scholar Program DISTRICT 6400 DOWNLOAD HERE  2023-2024

Global_Grant_Scholarship_Supplement Download here