What Is Interact All About?
Interact Clubs are composed of youth in Grades 7-12.
Interact Clubs are sponsored by a local Rotary Club and operate under two formats : 1) School based clubs 2) Community based clubs. The level of involvement each Rotary club has with the Interact club they sponsor varies significantly from one club to another.
Interact Clubs are a vital component to Rotary as an organization, to the communities they serve and most importantly to the youth involved.
For young people, being involved in Interact provides a great number of opportunities.  First and foremost, it is a chance to build their leadership skills.  Many students who are attracted to Interact already have the foundational characteristics of leaders and demonstrate these skills at the school level but Interact allows them to showcase their skills beyond the school.  Interact can be the entry point to becoming community leaders.  It is a chance for them to brainstorm, plan, organize and execute projects with a larger scope and reach.
Interact also allows young people access to a network of professionals and organizations they may otherwise not have access to.  This built in system of mentorship has shown to be beneficial for academic personal and professional development.
Finally Interactors because of their involvement in this organization get unique opportunities like access to leadership conferences, scholarships and exchanges.
As an organization, Rotary is always looking for ways to:
  • increase membership,
  • gain support in executing and spreading the word about the local and international work this organization is doing

Interact Clubs can achieve all these things.  When you plant the seeds of Rotary in young people, they gain knowledge about Rotary as an organization and the chance of their involvement as adults greatly improves.

Interact is a very crucial part of the Rotary organization.  It should not be underestimated or undervalued because the benefits it provides to the organization, the community and the youth involved are numerous. If you club is interested in chartering an Interact club please reach out the D6400 Interact chairs.   (Link to our emails)
Christina Guido ,  Chair 2023-24