District Governor:    Russ Jones

2023-24 Council of Governors

DG Russ Jones
DGE Nick Krayacich
DGN Linda Morrow
PDG Aruna Koushik
PDG Traci Sincock

DGND Kim Spirou

D6400 Foundation Board of Trustees

DG Russ Jones, President
iPDG Traci Sincock, Secretary
PDG Aruna Koushik, Treasurer
DGE Nick Kraycich, Director
DGN Linda Morrow, Director

2022-23 D6400 Inc. Board of Directors

DG Russ Jones, Chair
DGE Nick Krayacich
DGN Linda Morrow
PDG Aruna Koushik
PDG Traci Sincock
Treasurer Tammy Bonifield
Secretary Sue Campbell
Paul Sincock

Finance Committee

Tammy Bonifield
Terri Riopelle
John VanStipdonk
Ray Fischer

Club Visioning Chair Chris Porman
District Trainers Mike & Shelly Duben
District Pubic Image Chair Liz Smith
Pathways to Understanding Erin Dobbins
District Web Master Sue Goldsen
District FaceBook Administrator Sue Goldsen
District DACdb Administrator Matt Hatty
District Digest Editor Sue Goldsen
District Golf Outing Sandy Mily
Membership Chair / Coordinators Paul Sincock
Dean of Assistant Governors (RC Central) Ed Smith
AG Area 1 Ted Everingham
AG Area 2 Melissa Redmon
AG Area 3 Brian Pearcy
AG Area 4 Joel Sherrard
AG Area 5 Sam Kennedy 3
AG Area 6 Bob Curtis
AG Area 7 Kojo Quartey
AG Area 8 Rhonda Gage
AG Area 9 Kim Spirou
AG Area 10 Suzanne Grouette
AG Area 11 Erin Dobbins 3
AG Area 12 Tania Muscedere
Governor Nominating Committee Paul Sincock, Chair
John Chambers
Noel Jackson
Aruna Koushik
Traci Sincock
Youth Service Division
Youth Services & Youth Exchange Chair Traci Sincock
Interact Christina Guido
RYLA Bruce Diven/Jennifer Ribby

Branding and Graphics – Liz Smith Yeats

Rotary Youth Exchange Committee Chair – Wendy Parsons

District Rotary Foundation Chair Sue Goldsen (Year 2)
Stewardship Officer Margaret Williamson
Financial Assessment Committee
(Was the Audit Committee until July 1, 2019)
Tammy Bonifield
Terri Riopelle
John VanStipDonk
Ray Fischer
Vocational Training Team Chair Mary Jean Gallagher/Linda Morrow
Global Scholars Chair Colleen Mitchell
Peace Fellows Chair Pierre Boulos
Volunteers / Alumni Chair Position not used
Grant Chair Rick Caron
Global Grants Chair Rick Caron
TRF District Grants Chair Elvira DiGesu-larusso
Fundraising Chair Noel Jackson
Endowment Fund Officer Phyllis Charbonneau
Annual Program Fund Officer Bruce Goldsen
Paul Harris Society Officer Bruce Goldsen
Polio Plus – End Polio Now Neil McBeth

Conference Chair – Rick Caron

On to Singapore Convention Promotions Chair – Noel Jackson

DEI Committee Chair – Erin Dobbins