Random Acts of Kindness Card

Be sure to pass out a Random Act of Kindness card when you do it! Be sure to put your Rotary Clubs name on the back of card and a contact number. Who knows, you might end up with a future Rotarian!

The time has come when we cannot just rely on others to make the world a better place – each one of us has to do our part to make a difference.

This year District Governor Sue Goldsen is asking Rotary Clubs in Super District 6400 to encourage their members to give a hand out and lift up people in their communities.

Just imagine if we all help others how we can make our communities and world feel!

At the end of the year at our Celebration at District Conference we will recognize clubs that participate with a Random Acts of Kindness Certificate and then we’ll pull a random Clubs name to win $250 to take back to their club and continue to do Random Acts of Kindness.


Ideas for you and your club

Here’s some things clubs are doing for Random Acts of Kindness…..

Windsor 1918 Rotarian  Tom Goebel  and his wife were out on the lake in their boat—here’s their story:    We had the sails down and were trolling along with our 6 horse power motor when I noticed a kayaker that was using a small home-made, had held “sail” with his Kayak. I gave him a wide birth in about 40 feet of water.

Then I noticed that the gentleman was having a bit of trouble. His kayak rolled over. So I pulled my boat up close enough to talk and see if he wanted help. I offered but the man of East Indian decent refused saying “I am alright” and “I am experimenting”.   I pulled away but decided to stay close, just in case. Any boater is required to lend assistance so originally this was an act of kindness but one required by law. As we watched it became obvious that the man lacked the skills to help himself. Although He had a life vest and may not have drowned, he was in trouble.   So I doubled back. At this point the man was pushing the upside down kayak when he should have been pulling it. This left him only one hand to keep the sail and try to paddle with something less than an adequate paddle. He was getting next to nowhere and becoming exhausted.  This time he did accept the help which started with a line tied to my boat which he was able to grab. Then I helped him “upright” his Kayak. The sail got away so we got out a long hook and retrieved it. The man managed to get back into the kayak but it was full of water and very unstable. I then gifted him a small bucket which was an ideal size to bail out the kayak. After a couple dozen buckets full the Kayak became relatively stable.

The man wanted to continue his experimental journey and offered to return the bucket but I figured he needed it more than we did. I am not saying that we saved the man’s life but I think in the end we made his day. We watched for a while until the kayak got out of deep water and closer to the shore. I did NOT have a Random Act Rotary Card on me and this was not a situation where a card could have been received. Still I feel good that I did what any Rotarian would have done.




The Hart Family and Rotary Club of Livonia delivered cupcakes to local police and fire departments for our random acts of kindness. Verona (age 4) came up with the idea because “cupcakes make people happy”. She was right.



Brian Pearcy from Belleville :  Shared some tomatoes from our garden with a neighbor.


A thank you to the Livonia Rotary Park track enthusiasts. Water provided on a hot summer day, including water for our four legged friends.