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Rainbow Connections      Area’s of Connections and the folks working in that area:   

Child & Maternal Health       Penny Joy
Community Projects              Jim Karolyi
Disease Prevention & Treatment     Nick Krayacich
Drug & Opioid Addiction         Geno Salamone
Drug & Opioid Awareness      Arun Gupta
Environmental Sustainability  Richard Wyma
Environmental Sustainability  Bob Burns
Environmental Sustainability   Gianni DiPace
Emergency Preparadness      Chuck Parsons
Emergency Preparadness      Paul Sincock
Emergency Preparadness      Derek Locke
Food & Hunger Services         Jim Perri
Fundraising & Fellowship        Traci Sincock
International Projects              Richard Caron
Literacy                                    Margaret Williamson
Microfinance                            Larry Wright
Peace & Conflict Resolution    Therese Maggioncalda
Peace & Conflict Resolution     Fred Pearson
Polio Eradication                Shiva Kousik  Click here for information from Shiva on Polio  Veteran’s A!airs                     Ann Rudisil:
Veteran’s A!airs                     Char Haener
Water & Sanitation                Kim Spirou                                                               

Youth Services                     Chuck Parsons
Youth Services                     Steve Durant
Youth Services                     Elvira DiGesu-Iarusso
Youth Services                     Latricia Wright                                                                                                Youth Services                      George McMullen
Youth Services                     Stacey Jones

Chief Engagement Officer    US        Chris Sorenson
Chief Engagement Officer Canada    Peggy Little