Thank you to those who participated in the Grants Management Seminars.

The Requirements for Club Qualification for Grants :

  1.  One club member must complete this Grant Management Seminar
  2. Officers of the Club must sign both the Memorandum of Understanding and the District Addendum; and send the signature page to the District Stewardship Chair  Margaret Williamson

3.  To access District Designated Funds (DDF), Clubs must have given at least $100 per capita  in   2021-2022 to the Annual Program Fund.

After you have participated in the Grant Management Seminar, please inform your club president or the person designated to be responsible for grant qualifications.  The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be completed for club grant qualification is available at this link: 05 28 RI and Club MOU.pdf

When the MOU is completed, it must be sent to the District Stewardship Chair Margaret Williamson.  Her email can be found on DACdb or in the District Directory.

Powerpoint that was used at Grants Management Seminar:   2022 GMS Download here

If a member missed coming to the Grant Seminar and you need a make up,  please contact DRFC Committee Chair for the 2022-23 year  Sue Goldsen for more information.