On this page you will find links to the online materials for the 2020-201 Grant Management Seminar (GMS).  This includes the GMS Booklet that was handed out to each club that is a companion piece to the GMS presentation as well as the GMS presentation slides.  Both are in PDF format and can be accessed through the following links.  Because of the size, the presentation is a zipped file.  Thanks to PDG Liz Smith the 2020-2021 GMS is available in video format through YouTube.  If you wish to be counted as having attended the GMS for the purposes of “club qualification” you must first watch the videos and then send an email message to rotary6400grants@gmail.com.  We will send you a short quiz to complete and return.

This is a link to the GMS Booklet.

This is a link to the GMS Presentation.

This is a link to the YouTube playlist where you can find the seven (7) parts of the GMS.