District Governor John Chambers is working with the VTT Committee to organize a Team to to to Ghana.  The trip will take place in November of 2019.Please see the below links to apply for either the Team leader or a team member.  You must be able to adhere to the following interview schedule.

How to Apply:   Forward your resume with a cover letter explaining why your training and specific expertise would be an asset to the training.  Indicate if you are applying for “team leader”, “team member” or both.   Forward information by May 31 to:

Janet Kelly, District 6400 VTT Co- Chair         Email:  janetsue1918@gmail.com               Cell:     519-999-9531

 INTERVIEWS FOR TEAM LEADER WILL BE HELD ON Wednesday, June 11, 2019 (evening)       INTERVIEWS FOR TEAM MEMBERS WILL BE HELD ON Saturday, June 22, 2019

Please see details here:

Recruitment Flyer – Maternal and Child Health-final

Recruitment Flyer – Maternal and Child Health-Team Leader- final