Awards for the 2017-18 Rotary Year! 
New Dick Hedke award  for the 2017-18:
The 2017-2018 Dick Hedke Award      Deadline: April 15, 2018
Letter from  DGE Paul Sincock on the process:   The 2017-2018 Dick Hedke Award download here
Hedke Questions Worksheet 2017-2018 Hedke Questions-download here 


Click here to complete the award form on Survey Monkey – must be used for completing the Hedke award to be considered.  This is how we tabulate results.  Remember if you sign in and do not complete survey that’s fine, but you must sign in again as the same user, from the same computer,  otherwise you might have to start it over again. We strongly recommend using worksheet and then entering all results in one sitting.   Best of luck!








Archer Award applications:    due to Paul Sincock  by April 9th, 2018.

Single Club Archer Award form -2017-18 download here

Archer-2017-18-Collaborative 2017-18 download here

COG Awards 

The Council of Governor’s (COG) award is the premier award of District 6400 and it is designed to recognize individuals for their exemplary past and continuing service to the District and to their Club.  Just as the cog represents an integral working part of the Rotary logo wheel, the individual represents a vital moving part of the Rotary Wheel of Service.  The COG Award is designed to recognize an individual, currently active, for outstanding service in one or more of the five avenues of service including continued service to the individual’s club.   Please consider nominating one of your club members for this award.  With the member’s name, please highlight their contributions to the club and to the District.  The deadline is March 31, 2018.  The nomination can be sent to DG Rick at

To see who has already won a COG Award,  download list here: COG Winners

Other Awards:    Deadline for all of these awards   4/9/18   all of these items may be either given to appropriate person in person or scan and emailed to the addresses provided below.

  1. The Boldly Go Award with one given to each of the ten areas and then one of those ten  chosen to be the overall winner.  Clubs should submit a single page describing how they exemplified the spirit of “Boldly Going” to “Make a Difference”.  Please submit to John Chambers at
  2. The Best Bulletin / Newsletter.  Please submit 2-3 samples of bulletin with a Cover note to John Chambers
  3. The Best “Ongoing Information Award”.  For the Club with the best program for providing information about District,  Rotary International, and Rotary Foundation activities.   Submit a cover page with some  samples of the communication to club members on these activities  to John Chambers
  4. The Best New Member Orientation Program.    Provide a one sheet explaining your clubs New Member Orientation program to:    John  Chambers
  5. The Increase in Membership Award.  This award will be given on the basis of information recoded at RI by comparing the July 1, 2017 membership with the April 1, 2018 membership.  Two awards will be given if the club with the net gain is different than the club with greatest percentage increase.   ( this information obtained by Governor and Membership chair via Rotary International)
  6. The Passport to Service Awards. Plus the King of the Road Patch (Must have the Passport completed and have at least four Rotarians at the District Conference)  full information for Passport program:     Submit passport to  Jim Perri or DG Rick Caron.     In person or a scan of the booklet  to:   James Perri  and/or  Rick Caron