Hugh Archer  Awards –    Deadline  April 12th, 2019

Inventor, engineer, executive, humanitarian, scientist, businessman Past
RI President (19891990)   and Dearborn Rotarian Hugh M. Archer was all those things and more, making him one of Rotary’s “Renaissance Men”    Hugh Archer died on July 15, 2005 in Dearborn Michigan, and his legacy to Rotary lives on in the hearts and minds of    Rotarians worldwide. Hugh’s great belief was that Rotarians enjoyed their meetings, enjoyed service, enjoyed informality  and enjoyed getting to know one another. The RI theme for his year was pure Hugh Archer:  “Enjoy Rotary” Rotary District 6400 and his home club established these award to honor Hugh during his year as Rotary International President.    This is for a New Project  either for an individual club or collaborative with 2 or more clubs.

The project has to be implemented between April 1, 2019 and April 1, 2020. Any questions      Contact DGE Noel Jackson

Click here for: Archer-2018-19     For Individual Clubs Form

 Click here for Archer-2018-19-Collaborative form

Hedke Awards      Deadline to submit  is now complete

Please note that this year’s Hedke is different from past year’s. Questions that required a subjective response have been eliminated. In their place are several questions at the end of the survey to which your club can submit a “free form” response. Please make sure you read those questions carefully and prepare your answers as directed. Failure to upload that document could result in a significant loss of points and penalize your club’s score. You can leave your work and return to the survey as long as you do so from the same computer which you initially used to access the submission form.

You may review the questions and essay questions and work on them off line before submitting them on the survey monkey by downloading this work sheet.

COG Awards 

The Council of Governor’s (COG) award is the premier award of District 6400 and it is designed to recognize individuals for their exemplary past and continuing service to the District and to their Club.  Just as the cog represents an integral working part of the Rotary logo wheel, the individual represents a vital moving part of the Rotary Wheel of Service.  The COG Award is designed to recognize an individual, currently active, for outstanding service in one or more of the five avenues of service including continued service to the individual’s club.   Please consider nominating one of your club members for this award.  With the member’s name, please highlight their contributions to the club and to the District.  Please email  DG Paul Sincock with your nominations by April 1st, 2019.

To see who has already won a COG Award,  download list here: COG Winners

Presidential Citation information:   Rotary Citation for Clubs and it includes the Citation Criteria for Rotaract and Interact Club


Rotary Road Trips:    (A Rotary passport to Youth and  Service Activity) 

Your assignment is to complete four Rotary Road Trips during the Rotary year 2018-19        A qualifying Road Trip will include  four (4) members (clubs of 50+ members) or two (2) members (clubs fewer than 50) of the visiting club.    NEW! One Road Trip must be a Youth activity, and should include youth exchange, Interact,  or RYLA in the activity.   One Road Trip must be a service event.  Two visits may be club visits, or youth or service.

Complete a page of this “Passport to Service” for each visit.  Be sure to have your Passport signed by District Governor Paul on the occasion of his ofcial visit to your club. Submit completed Passports to Governor Paul or to your AG by This is now complete.      Special recognition at DisCon 2019.      will be in May 2019.

full information for Passport program: