2016-17 District 6400 Awards


We will be presenting awards to individual clubs in several areas of Club Service.   If you wish to apply for one or more of these awards for your club, send a letter stating that you wish to apply for the district service award, signed by your club president and secretary.   Along with the letter, send documentation and descriptions of why you feel your club deserves this award.  Please be sure to send documentation for each award separately that you wish to apply for. No club will receive more than one award so that we may have as many recipients as possible.     Awards will be presented at the District Conference in Cleveland May 11-14th.   Deadline for apply for awards is April 15th, 2017.   Send your cover letter and documentation to Paul Sincock, psincock@ci.plymouth.mi.us Or you can mail it to Paul Sincock 1370 Penniman Ave. Plymouth MI   48170-1037       By 4/15/17


  1. Rotary information for prospective members:   Club with the most effective Rotary information program for prospective members.
  2. Rotary Club with the best on-going information for Club members.   This is for the club with the most effective program of Rotary Information throughout the  year, such as “Rotary Minute”, “Rotary Trivia” and other ideas. This helps to educate Rotarians in your club about Rotary.
  3.  Bulletin/Newsletter- The Club with the best Bulletin relating to content, graphics, etc.    (Please be sure to let us know how often you do this newsletter and whether you post it on line too – extra points will apply)
  4. Website – The Club with the best and most informative and up to date website.
  5. Fund Raiser- The club with the most creative method and new effort for raising   funds.  (could be a seasoned event with new twists on it)
  6. Social Event – The club with the most innovative club social event. (One for stand alone club events and one for Collaborative- Multi club events)

Awards to be presented by leadership (no need to apply)

  1. Satellite Club:   Presented to a Rotary Club who has formed a Satellite Club which has helped to increase membership and diversify the club.
  1. Membership:   Clubs chartered in the 2015-16 year or earlier, with the greatest net gain in membership and the club with the greatest percentage increase in membership.



Archer – for a Club
Application Here
Email to Rick Caronrcaron@uwindsor.ca
Deadline: April 10, 2017

Archer – Collaborative
Application Here
Email to Rick Caronrcaron@uwindsor.ca
Deadline: April 10, 2017

District 6400 – The Frank Devlyn Exemplary Public Image Award
Application Here
Deadline: April 1, 2017

Hedke Award 2017
Application Here // Worksheet Here

Deadline: April 10, 2017

Clubs – Remember, you must fill out your final answers, including narratives, online using the Survey Monkey.You may leave the Survey and go back in and continue, provide you use the same computer.    Also be sure to hit submit once you have completed.  Thank you and good luck!