The Rotary District 6400 Membership Committee is here to help you.

Contact  Chair,    Steve Ahles    or                                                                           Vice-Chair  Nick Krayacich        

Full Membership committee is listed below,   full contact information for all is available in DacDB         

Committee Members and Coaches:

Jim Perri                          Russ Jones                    

Bruce Diven                    Roberto Sanchez         

Sue Goldsen                    Kim Spirou                               

Rick Caron                       Robin Moyer                

Paul Sincock                    John Chambers             

Noel Jackson                   Aruna Koushik                      

Janet Haas                       Trey Greene                 

Jeff Adams                        Edward Smith              

John Hoppenjans            Halyna Bialczyk                        

Margaret Williamson   Debra Harshaw        

Annette Prevaux            Rose Angela Gronda        

Traci Sincock                   Julie Ricci                               

Sue Kowalski