Getting Started/Why Is This So Important?
Rotary is the world’s premier international humanitarian service organization and should be promoted as such. When people are aware of the outstanding humanitarian accomplishments of Rotary clubs and districts, they respect the organization for its contributions to the community, and become more interested in becoming a part of it.

Every Rotary club should develop and execute a successful public relations plan to make their community aware of their club and the organization. Clubs are encourage to provide a positive public image for itself in the community and for Rotary in the world.

Gather your thoughts, organize them, and then speak from the Heart. When you speak from the heart about great things that you have done in Rotary, about projects you have done, you inspire others to want to get involved.

Don’t keep these great experiences a secret, help spread the word and tell your Rotary Story!

Jennifer Jones, Vice President of Rotary International