(A Rotary passport to Youth and  Service Activity)

Your assignment is to complete four Rotary Road Trips during the Rotary year 2019-20

A qualifying Road Trip will include four (4) members (clubs of 50+ members) or two (2) members (clubs fewer than 50) visiting another Rotary Club in the District One Road Trip must be to Do The Right Thing, for example a service project or fundraiser.

One Road Trip must be international. US clubs can count Meet The Governor Night in Harrow, CDN clubs can count One Rotary Summit (held last September). Or just cross the border for a club meeting.

Remaining two visits may be either visit or project.  Complete a page of this “Passport to Service” for each visit.  Please review the status of your passport completion, I need all completed passports either sent to me or the information on the completion of your passport sent to Jim Perri, his email is, or you may reach him on his cell phone at 313 550-0494.  Please complete this by April 1st, as Passport Pages need to be ordered then.   THIS IS NOW COMPLETE

To complete your Passport, you should have one International Visit, Canadian Club to a US (Michigan) club, or a Michigan club to a Canadian club.  Meet the Governor this past June counted for the Michigan clubs as an International Visit.

Please look at the How To Play Page for additional Instructions as to how many from your club need to be Participants in an event to count for a Visit.

Kids Against Hunger in September was an example of Doing The Right Thing.  We are now in a time of the year that many clubs are doing fund raisers, and Outreach events these also count as Do The Right Thing meetings. Regular club Visits will count as a Wild Card Event.

If you have any further questions, please contact Jim Perri.

GOOD LUCK!  The benefits of participating in the Passport program:

  • Meet members from other clubs
  • Build inter-club relationships
  • Build inter-member relationships.
  • Share club information – The visitors address the club giving a brief overview of their own club.
  • Share Ideas
  • Develop Collaborative Projects
  • Help support one another
  • Fellowship and fun