(A Rotary passport to fellowship)

The goal is for each Rotary Club to complete four Rotary Road Trips (visits to other rotary clubs) during the rotary year; and at least one of the road trips must be across the border.  The visiting club team must include at least four Rotarians.

Implementation:  At the start of the year every Rotary Club will be RotaryRoadTripsPassportgiven a “Passport to Fellowship” with four pages.  For each visit write in the name of the club being visited and the names of the Rotarians making the visit.  After the visit be sure to get your passport page authorized by the host club.  This could be a signature or a stamp.  Be creative.  The DG should sign each passport during the official visit.  Clubs are advised to let the host club know of the visit in advance.

Benefits:  The benefits are obvious.

  • Meet members from other clubs
  • Build interclub relationships
  • Build inter-member relationships.RotaryPassport2
  • Share club information – The visitors address the club giving a brief overview of their own club.
  • Share Ideas
  • Develop Collaborative Projects
  • Help support one another
  • Fellowship and fun


Recognition:  At the DISCON each club that submitted a completed passport to get a recognition, for example, a patch or certificate.