District Governor:    Traci Sincock

2022-23 Council of Governors and D6400 Foundation Board of Trustees

Noel Jackson, Vice Governor

Aruna Koushik, Immediate Past District Governor

Traci Sincock, District Governor

Russ Jones, District Governor Elect

Nick Kraycich, District Governor Nominee


2022-23 D6400 Inc. Board of Directors

Traci Sincock, Chair

Russ Jones, Vice-Chair

Noel Jackson

Nick Kraycich

Aruna Koushik

District Treasurer, James Van Horn

DG Appointee, Secretary to the Board, Sue Campbell

Dean of Assistant Governors         Ed Smith

Treasurer – James Van Horn

Assistant Treasurer/Foundation Bookkeeper – Don Lieto

Trainer/Training Committee Chair – Kim Spirou

DACdb Manager – Matt Hatty

Website, Newsletter and Facebook Editors – Bruce and Sue Goldsen

Membership Committee Chair – Paul Sincock

Visioning Committee Chair – Chris Porman

Branding and Graphics – Liz Smith Yeats

Rotary Youth Exchange Committee Chair – Stephanie Winger

RYLA Committee Chairs – Bruce Diven/Jennifer Ribby

Golf Outing Committee Chair – Rajen and Anne Chetty/Neil McBeth

Rotary Foundation Committee Chair – Sue Goldsen

Conference Chair – Chuck and Wendy Parsons

On to Melbourne Convention Promotions Chair – Nick Kraycich

DEI Committee Chair – TBD