Deceased Past District 640 or 6400 Governors

Governor Year Theme
Frank Henderson 1957-1958 Enlist-Extend-Explore-Serve
Eugene Olson 1958-1959 Help Shape the Future
Elmer Goerke 1959-1960 Vitalize! Personalize! Build Bridges of Friendship
Charles Bell 1960-1961 Your are Rotary – Live it!
Leo C. Beebe 1961-1962 Act, Aim for Action, Communication for Understanding
William Gillett 1962-1963 Kindle the Spark Within
Robert Davidson 1964-1965 Live Rotary
Perry Richwine 1965-1966 Action, Consolidation and Continuity
Steven Boyan 1966-1967 Better World through Rotary
Russell Amerman 1967-1968 Make Your Membership Effective
Stanely Wojcik 1968-1969 Participate
PRIP Hugh Archer 1969-1970 Review and Renew
John Dawson 1971-1972 Good Will Begins with You
T.H. Mabley 1972-1973 Let’s Take a New Look and Act
Edward Sawusch 1973-1974 A Time for Action
Robert Stewart 1974-1975 Renew the Spirit of Rotary
Henry Montague 1975-1976 To Dignify the Human Being
Roy G. Lancaster 1976-1977 I Believe in Rotary
Jason Lovette 1978-1979 Reach Out
PRID Frank Sladen, Jr. 1979-1980 Let Service Light the Way
David Clark 1980-1981 Take Time to Serve
Paul H. Ahrns 1982-1983 Mankind is One-Build Bridges of Friendship Throughout the World
Francis Cogsdill 1983-1984 Share Rotary – Serve People
R. Neal Ballhelm 1984-1985 Discover a New World of Service
Walter Sandrock 1985-1986 You Are the Key
Max Gardner 1986-1987 Rotary Brings Hope
Robert Harrison 1992-1993 Real Happiness is Helping Others
Walter Paruk 1993-1994 Believe in what You Can Do – Do what You Believe In

Meet our Rotary International Vice-President:   jennifferjones

Jennifer Jones:    Jennifer is the 2015-17 Rotary International Zones 28/29 director and 2016-17 Rotary International Vice-President. She also is the president and CEO of Media Street Productions in Windsor, Ontario. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland and is a Past District Governor of D6400.

Jennifer has presented keynote addresses and training workshops across North America and most recently in Amman, Jordan; St Petersburg, Russia; Panama City, Bangkok, Lisbon, Finland, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia and Germany.   She also is the immediate past chair of the Board of Governors at the University of Windsor and the past chair of the Board of Directors at the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce.   She has been recognized with Rotary’s Service above Self Award and the Citation for Meritorious Service, the YMCA Peace Medallion, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and Wayne State University’s Peacemaker of the Year Award – a first for a Canadian.  Jennifer and her husband, Nick Krayacich, a family physician, share a love for travel, cycling and golf. They share a thirst for adventure and reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, in January 2009.  As champions of The Rotary Foundation, they are members of the Arch C. Klumph Society, the Paul Harris Society and are charter members of the Bequest Society.

Past District Governors


Governor Year Theme
Clifford Ashton 1963-1964 Meeting Rotary’s Challenge in the Space Age
PRID H. William Ives 1970-1971 Bridge the Gaps
Al Lapshan 1981-1982 World Understand and Peace
Murray Elder 1987-1988 Rotarians – United in Service Dedicated to Peace
Carl Riegal 1988-1989 Put Life in Rotary – Your LIfe
William Chase 1989-1990 Enjoy Rotary
PRID Michael McCullough 1990-1991 Honor Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm
John R. Mueller 1991-1992 Look Beyond Yourself
Fred Sorrell 1994-1995 Be A Friend
Larry S. Wright 1995-1996 Act with Integrity – Serve with Love – Work for Peace
Mark Zmyslowski 1996-1997 Build the Future with Action and Vision
Harlan Whichello 1997-1998 Show Rotary Cares
Edwin Schulz 1998-1999 Follow Your Rotary Dream
Michael Browne 1999-2000 Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity
John Brooks 2000-2002 Create Awareness Take Action & Mankind Is Our Business
Bob Gallagher 2002-2003 Sow the Seeds of Love
Roberto Sanchez 2003-2004 Lend A Hand
James R. Ives 2004-2005 Celebrate Rotary
James W. Karolyi 2005-2006 Service Above Self
Dave Carpenter 2006-2007 Lead The Way
Jennifer Jones 2007-2008 Share Rotary
Bruce Goldsen 2008-2009 Make Dreams Real
Neil McBeth 2009-2010 Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
Kim Towar 2010-2011 Building Communities/Bridging Continents
Michael Duben 2011-2012 Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
Mary Kehoe 2012 – 2013 Peace Through Service
Donna Schmidt 2013- 2014 Engage Rotary Change Lives
Elizabeth Smith Yeats 2014-2015 Light Up Rotary
Wayne Titus 2015-2016 Be A Gift to the World