Does Your Voice Count?
In Rotary . . . Most Definitely!
And here is your ‘TWO STEP’ chance to prove it.
Trustee and Board Action on Items Adopted by the 2020 COR (Council on
The 2020 COR referred a number of items to the RI Board and the TRF Trustees for
further action. The RI Board and the TRF Trustees considered these items and their
decisions have been summarized here. (STEP ONE! READ THE SUMMARY)

Statements of Support and Opposition

Clubs and district conferences may use the online form to submit statements of
support, opposition, or general comments regarding legislation. The online form can be
found here:
Club statements must be submitted or confirmed by the club’s president
and district statements must be submitted or confirmed by the governor.
Statements may be in support of, in opposition to, or as a comment on an item of
legislation. You must explain why you are supporting, opposing, or wishing to make a
general comment in the submission. Comments without substance, links to other
materials, or comments that may be offensive will not be published at the discretion of
the chair. For example, the statement “I support this item” does not include an
explanation and would not be published.
The deadline for submitting statements is 10 January 2022 and they may not exceed
2,000 characters. A separate form should be used for each statement. Please note that it
is our practice to merge substantially similar statements, with each submitter being
listed on one statement.

Statements will be distributed electronically to all representatives before the Council.

If you do submit a statement,  please us know by dropping us a line at and and let us know that you did!

Thanks for your attention.

Yours in Rotary,
PDG Lawrence Wright (COL Representative, 2019-22)
PRID Michael McCullough (COL Representative – Alternate)
(Please share this link with the clubs in your district.)