2019 One Rotary Summit

All Rotarians and Rotaractors are invited to attend our “ne Rotary Summit – “Who Wants to be a Rotariannaire?” during which we will emphasize how we are Connected by Our Rotary Stories.   You will:

  • Understand the impact of stories.
  • Understand how and why Membership, Public Image, and humanitarian service through The Rotary Foundation work together in Rotary.


  • Understand how you are a part of Rotary Connecting the World
  • Be able to create and share your Rotary or Rotaract story and your Club’s story.
  • Take home Personal Action Plans for your use and a One Rotary Toolkit for use by your Club.
  • Enjoy the new game show craze – Who Wants to be a Rotariannaire?

The cost is USD $30 and we encourage clubs to pay for all its members with a single check.  To ensure that everyone has a seat, a toolkit and a dinner, you must register in advance.