Together we can grow Rotary

Rotarians are encouraged to invite a friend, family member, business associate or community member to join them throughout the year in:

• Fun events
• Volunteer projects
• Club activities
• Celebrations large and small

Share your time, knowledge and enthusiasm for each outing. Share your passion for Rotary and then invite them to a meeting.    Then invite them to join Rotary!

Membership Goals for 2022-23   RI President Jennifer Jones says:

  1.  We have  a year to achieve the boardset target of 30% women in
    Rotary. We’ve come a long way, and already more than 110 countries have achieved this
    goal. That said, we have a long way to go and 30% is the next stop on the way to 50%.
    And you know, our members in Rotaract have already achieved this distinction.

    Speaking of embracing the different and unique, new clubs and especially new club
    models are vital to growing Rotary. I need your help with this, and I am asking each
    of you to help form at least two new innovative or causebased clubs during your term
    as governor.

    Then, and perhaps most importantly, instill in them, and your existing clubs too, our
    comfortandcare philosophy. Let’s make sure we engage our members so they love their
    clubs and their Rotary experience.

2.   We don’t have a problem bringing members into
Rotary. We struggle to keep them. Were a revolving door in every part of our world.

We need to ask our members what they want out of their experience and then, we
need to provide them with meaningful responsibilities.

3.  As we strive to weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into Rotary, removing the barriers
is the key to inclusion. And inclusion is the key to membership

4.   Remember the key to retention and membership satisfaction is the Comfort and Care of our members.




Jennifer Jones theme speech view here by clicking