order prednisone for pets Congratulations to all the clubs and individuals who were recognized for their excellent service and achievements.

William Ives Lifetime Achievement award winner Neil McBeth

Service Above Self recipient Rick Caron

Distinguished Service Award winner Donna Schmidt

Citation for Meritorious Service Award winner Sue Goldsen.

Major Awards:

Hugh Archer Individual Award: The Rotary Club of Plymouth A.M. 

Hugh Archer Collaborative Award Woodhaven – Brownstone, Wyandotte, Allen Park, Dearborn Heights, Fairlane Sunrise, Flat Rock, Gibraltar / Rockwood Romulus, Southgate, Taylor Dick Hedke

Dick Hedke Awards:

Overall Winner:  Rotary Club of Detroit

Club Administration Blissfield Rotary Club

Rotary Club Membership Northville Rotary Club

Public Image: Trenton Rotary Club

Rotary Foundation:  Adrian Noon Club

Service: Wayne Rotary Club

District Awards:  

The club with the best use of social media, highlighting information about District, Rotary International, and Rotary Foundation activities.  Please congratulate the Rotary Club of Trenton for the District’s Best Communication Award.

Next up is recognition for the club that achieved the highest net gain of members as recorded in the Rotary International database as of April 1, 2021.     The District 6400 Passport to Service Club with a net gain of 10 members, a 143% increase in membership since July 1, 2020.

Polio contribution recognition awards go to: the Rotary Club of Trenton for the highest financial contribution between July 1, 2020 and April 1, 2021 in the amount of $7,550.  The Rotary Club of Wayne is also recognized for the highest amount of giving per capita in the amount of $188.83 per member.

In the category of volunteer hours, recognition is given to clubs that entered their information into the Rotary Club Central database:

Detroit, Huron Township, Northville, Trenton, Adrian A.M. and Windsor-Walkerville are recognized for their documented volunteer work this evening.

Governor Noel created an initiative this year, named the Peace Chain,  allowing clubs the opportunity to recognize individuals and organizations in their community that provide work that makes communities stronger, safer, and more stable.  Two awards are provided tonight:  The first is to the Rotary Club of Trenton for the most Peace Chain Links submitted, and the second award is presented to the Rotary Club of Harrow for the most Peace Chain Links per capita.

PASSPORT TO FELLOWSHIP The following clubs that achieved this award are as follows:

  1. Adrian Noon
  2. Detroit
  3. Windsor-Walkerville
  4. Windsor-Roseland
  5. Wayne
  6. Westland
  7. Trenton
  8. Essex
  9. Livonia
  10. D6400 Global Club

COG Award recipients  

Ahles, Stephen H. ,   Burgan, John M.,     Digesu-Iarusso, Elvira,    Diven, Dr. Bruce

Dobbins, Erin,    Giesa, Patrick,      Gronda, Rose Angela,     Haas, Janet L.

 Killion, Lynne,     Moore Jr., Charles L.,      Morand, Robert,     Pearson ,Dr. Frederic

Smith, Edward,      Snaden, Elaine,    Stewart, Beth

The Rotary Foundation Recognitions:

Congratulations to all on the following lists for having achieved their new Rotary Foundation recognition level since November 10, 2020, the date of our Membership and Foundation Gala.  Your contributions make enrich the Rotary Foundation and, though it many projects, enrich communities throughout the world.

PAUL HARRIS FELLOW ($1,000 – $1,999)

Idali Feliciano, Adrian Morning                Victor Adewusi, D6400-Global eClub

Gloria Agbator, D6400-Global eClub       Dawn Cutler, D6400-Global eClub

Cindy Cannon, Dearborn               Janice Gilliland, Dearborn

Daniel Paletko, Dearborn Heights          Anthony Holt, Detroit

Catherine Wolford, Detroit        Curtis Gordon, Detroit

Kelsey Hartung, Detroit            Latricia Wright, Detroit

Margaret McMullen, Detroit             Monica Denise Davie, Detroit

Nicole M. Valentini, Detroit              Rita M. Grezlik, Detroit

Shirley Roseman, Detroit             Wilfred L. Beal, Detroit

Mariah Helka, Gibraltar                  Todd Taylor, Gibraltar

Jeffery C. Morford, Hines Park PM           Jennifer Marie Ribby, Hines Park PM

John Chont, Huron Township (New Boston)        Linda Amato, LaSalle-Centennial

Chad Cousino, Taylor    Chris Sorensen, Trenton

Emma Bufton, Windsor (1918)              Mary Ann Barber, Windsor (1918)


PAUL HARRIS FELLOW+1 ($2,000 – $2,999)

Dawn Renee Opsal, Adrian Morning              Maher Mualla, Adrian Morning

Bill Simmerer, Canton                  Wayne Hyland, Cottam

Darlene Schoolmaster, Dearborn             Eric Rader, Dearborn

Bruce Wilson, Detroit             Lisa Fischer, Harrow, ON

Cyril H Bird, Huron Township (New Boston)        Arun Gupta, Monroe

John F Albrecht, Westland              Janice Bellemore, Windsor (1918)

Robert Thompson, Windsor (1918)

PAUL HARRIS FELLOW+2 ($3,000 – $3,999)

John E Macdermid, Belleville          JoDee Friess, Blissfield

John D. Krueger, Clinton         Colleen Nieman, Dearborn

Renata Crooms, Dearborn Heights          Stephanie Winger, Essex

Tara Meyer, Harrow              Kenneth Moore, Huron Township (New Boston)

Royal P Lilly, Huron Township (New Boston)          Maria Price, LaSalle-Centennial

Julie Hardy, Passport to Service          Ag Erin Heather Dobbins, Taylor

Anthony Nicita, Taylor            Soon Kwon, Taylor

Therese P. Maggioncalda, Taylor            Bill Le Fevre, Trenton

Kathy Kane, Trenton             Raymond Yee, Trenton

Richard J. Nykiel, Trenton              Linda Gable, Wayne

Neil McTavish, Windsor (1918)         Robert M. Curtis, Wyandotte

PAUL HARRIS FELLOW+3 ($4,000 – $4,999)

Margaret A. Coughlin, Detroit         Melvadean Pearson, Detroit

Lloyd Kerr, Essex        George R. Mcmullen, Jr., Grosse Pointe

Rod Hopper, Huron Township (New Boston)         Atif Chowdhry, Leamington

Mike Baker, Monroe                  Penny K. Joy, Plymouth

Saad Jasim, Windsor (1918)


PAUL HARRIS FELLOW+4 ($5,000 – $5,999)

Bernadette Durkin, Detroit              Thomas MacFarlane, Detroit

Paul Stockmann, Grosse Pointe-Sunrise     Marilyn T. Price, Northville


PAUL HARRIS FELLOW + 5 ($6,000 – $6,999)

Joyce Rochowiak, Belleville             Rhonda Hall, Blissfield

Merritt F. Robertson, Dearborn            Matthew Honkala, Grosse Ile

Suzi Sanchez-Honkala, Grosse Ile         Don Marsh, Windsor (1918)

PAUL HARRIS FELLOW+6 ($7,000 – $7,999)

LeRoy C. Hollmann, Dearborn        Mark E. Wilson, Grosse Pointe

John Friess, Livonia            Kent Early, Plymouth

Katherine Rosevear, Plymouth A. M.      Joseph N. Tseng, Westland

Kay Douglas, Windsor (1918)

PAUL HARRIS FELLOW+7 ($8,000 – $8,999)

Mary Jo Suchy, Belleville          Vickie Lynn Perri, Fairlane Sunrise (Dearborn)

Roger W. Hull, Jr., Grosse Pointe         John P. Kelly, Northville

Diane Lynn Samson, Passport to Service           Russell M. Jones, Plymouth

John Martenson, Jr., Trenton            Leo Stevenson, Trenton

PAUL HARRIS FELLOW + 8 ($9,000 – $9,999)

John F. VanStipdonk, Wayne              Ron Arkell, Windsor (1918)

Terry Cloutier, Windsor-St. Clair        Henry C. Dotson, Woodhaven and Brownstown

Major Donor Level 1 ($10,000 – 24,999)

Margaret Prince, Amherstburg

Curtis Whitmore, Dearborn Heights

Thomas E. Brown, Jr., Detroit

Patrick L Giesa, Northville

John and Lois VanStipdonk, Wayne

Anthony Mancinone, Windsor (1918)

Patricia Soulliere, Windsor-Roseland

Major Donor Level 2 ($25,000 – 49,999)

Donald M. Lieto, Monroe

MD Level 4 ($100,000 – 249,999)

Estate of Doris A. Henderson +, Windsor (1918)