Let’s be inspired by great work and the great resources that clubs and Rotarians are providing to their communities. Let’s do the right thing together!

Canton Rotary:  Club member Pat Williams is Township supervisor and has been coordinating a lot of efforts and helping deliver feeding the frontline meals and helped set up a Covid response hotline with a food pantry.  We sponsored the restaurant where we meet at for “feeding the Frontlines’ and LA Bistro with our financial support fed Providence Park Hospitals.  Kevin Davis and Nate Houghton work in banking and have been working tirelessly on PPP loans. We coordinated with area 5 on another Feed the Frontlines project with Maraschino’s Restaurant in  Canton. ______________________________________________________________

Dearborn Rotary Club The Dearborn Rotary Foundation approved $2000 for the purpose of feeding front-line workers at health care facilities in Dearborn, and to first responders (fire and policy).  Several Rotarians have participated in food distribution in the community.  

Jim Thorpe (Past President) and Colleen Nieman (President-Elect) have both participated in the preparation of lunches for Dearborn Public Schools students and their families, as have Dr. Glenn Maleyko (Past President and Dearborn Superintendent), Shannon Peterson (President-Nominee), and Maysam Alie-Bazzi (Club Service chair). Dearborn Rotary hase also done delivery of meals to front-line workers at Henry Ford Village and Beaumont-Dearborn.

Plymouth Rotary Club has partnered with the Rotary Club of Detroit on a grant that District Governor John Chambers learned about through thru Ashish Sarkar District 6380. Pioneer Medical Research Foundation in Novi is providing $20,000 in support and is seeking a one to one match. These funds will be used to help with: health care needs, hospitalization needs, pharmaceutical needs, food, nourishment and more In addition we also received a $1,000 donation from District 6400 which we donated to Community Opportunity Center to provide their staff and residents with much needed personal protection equipment.This donation from the District to COC was in addition to the funds our club previously donated to COC.  And finally, we purchased additional face shields which are being donated to local United Way and Salvation Army staff, as well as to other front line workers in the medical and public safety arenas.  Plymouth Rotary’s Front Line workers include: Colette Bailey- Salvation Army, Holly Heath -Community Opportunity Center, Marie Morrow- United Way and Andy Savage- Huron Valley Ambulance

District 6400 Global E-Club Has many members who are working on the front lines in the effort to help during the Covid 19 pandemic. They are Rotarians: Aanuoluwa Giwa, Rita Chigbo, Tos Rabiu-Akewusola, Hauwa Aji Ishaku, President Niyi Abraham. The club and it’s members are involved in four areas we are involved in Covid 19 relief operations.
1. Sensitization and monitoring of government/NCDC order compliance
2. Sensitization and monitoring of Preventive measures like social distancing, hand washing etc
3. Ensuring the Food Relief Packages/palliatives reaches the most vulnerable in the Community
4. Monitoring Human Rights Abuses by security officials due to breaches of the lockdown directive. In matching the District grant of $1000 with $1000 and additional donations of $116 by members, we are giving palliatives of food to 200 families who are old and hungry as they were not able to do their daily income business as a result of the lock down order by the government. In matching the District grant of $1000 with $1000 and additional donations of $116 by members, we are giving palliatives of food to 200 families who are old and hungry as they were not able to do their daily income business as a result of the lock down order by the government.


Lincoln Park Rotary Clubs has members who are working hard on the front line: Pastor Gary Schippling and his church Blessed Hope Christian Church are feeding the hungry both lunch and dinner. Pastor John Peck serves on the board with Christ Net which is a program that provides shelter and assist in meeting the needs of the homeless.

Livonia AM Rotarians; Bob Carris, Mike Ladwig, & Jeff Adams entered us into a co-alliance with the Livonia Lions Club in a front line feeding project that began in March.    St. Marys Mercy Hospital closed down the usual cafeteria availability, and that left the medical staff fending for themselves, as far as their meals.   So, Jeff Adams was in contact with Lion Matt Collins, who had a great idea to help the medical staff.       Jeff, President-Elect Bob Carris, and Mike Ladwig helped Matt facilitate an organized, scheduled food delivery system to the frontline medical staff.   The food was provided by generous public donations gathered and translated into purchased food prepared by local vendors, thereby giving them some business, as well.

Blissfield Rotarians have been busy helping in their community. They made a poster to promote our Blissfield Food Pantry. This is one of several projects their club has become involved in during this Covid-19 crisis. Their club has made donation to the HEH Industries organization, which provided masks and protective gear to Lenawee county medical providers and first responders, and also transported food and supplies to locations of need, across America. They also donated in support of I-92 Ministries, a project based in Clinton, MI, which provides food for children in need, and their families, in Support of our Local school’s program of food distribution occurring weekly. Blissfield is supporting the local food bank with money and publicizing efforts, and we have delivered 50 “Basic needs” bags to our area residents who receive Meals On Wheels support, during the first two weeks of the crisis.


Plymouth A.M. has been responsible for directing funds for COVID 19 use in the following ways:  $2500 Plymouth-Canton Schools (printed educational material for students without internet access), $2500 Open Door Ministries Food Pantry $500 Salvation Army Food Needs, $500 Plymouth-Canton Schools (IPSEP Program – Infant, Pre-Schools Special Education Program) Diaper and Wipe needs. Rotarian Dick Schmidt Dick Schmidt has actively volunteered with various food support/pantries, including Salvation Army, Open Door Ministries, Gleaners. 


Windsor St. Clair has been working on several projects in their community: Providing a nutritious meals to those members in the community who are often overlooked, they also have worked with various agencies like: Hiatus House, Street Help, Windsor Residence for Young Men, St Leonard’s House and more! ___________________________________________________________________________

Leamington Rotary Club has done many projects to help their community. They have made Donations from their Bingo funds to: $1000 Salvation Army Foodbank, $5000 St. Vincent de Paul Foodbank, $3500 Meadowbrook Church Care Packages, $5000 South Essex Community Council Food Hamper Donations from Rotary Grants and matching funds: $1500 Erie Shores Health Foundation, $250 Harrow Foodbank, $250 St. Michael’s Foodbank. $2500 Windsor Essex Community Foundation Partnered with Canadian Tire to deliver gift certificates and show support for local nursing homesSponsored and delivered faceshields to local Fire Departments They have many members who are working on the front lines they include: Atif Chowdhry – Erie Shores Healthcare Doctor, Donna LaPointe – Leamington Area Family Health Team Nurse Practitioner, Churck Parsons – Kingsville Fire Chief and Jim Samson – Family Health Team Director and Carolyn Tann – Best Western Hotel Manager


The Livonia Rotary Club will be feeding the police and fire departments in the community, first using the money coming from the District, but also, additional Money from our foundation.  This will occur in the later part of May. Rotarians doing their part on the front line: David Stechholz has delivered food to hospital workers (joint effort from the service clubs in Livonia) Laura Perlowsi has been making masks and distributing them. Individual club members have donated money to the joint effort of the Service Clubs in Livonia to deliver food to St Mary’s Hospital ______________________________________________________________

Windsor 1918 Rotarian Khassan Saka and his Iraqi Canadian Group made over 1000 masks for distribution to the public free of charge. Members have contributed to the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation to help buy PPE and other needs. We salute Major Paul Rideout has been working tirelessly at the Salvation Army Centre of Hope performing many duties to keep the environment for clients and staff safe. Rotary Satellite Club of Windsor(1918) Evening has two front line workers: Theresa Schuurman, nurse, in First Nation community in Deer Lake Ontario Andrea Cassidy, midwife supporting women within many vulnerable population groups


Wayne State Rotaract Club Marwah Ayache and Darwood Navarro both have been working on the front lines and helping organizations in the community. From Food pantries to helping at COVID community care testing sites. Rotaractors are making things happen.


A few weeks back the Grosse Ile Rotary made a donation to Applewood Nursing Home of scrubs to their newly open Covid19 Unit. The staff stated
that this was a huge impact and help in a much needed void to their patients and staff a much needed item as they battle this virus. The club also hosted days after this virus first hit the area on March 16th launched an community wide drive for PPE Collection. This was in response to the initial shortage of supply’s and to support area hospital with masks, gloves sanitizer and disinfections items. To date the club has made monetary contributions of over $4,000.00 to the Covid19 Emergency Community Relief on various initiatives.


    Windsor Roseland put together these comfort packages to Covid patients at our Field Hospital. Each pack included a puzzle book, pen, kleenex, eye glass ckeaning cloth and chap stick. These patients are not in any machines but were getting bored and due to no visitors we thought the puzzke book in the pack would help the time go by.  In early April, in coordination with Gisele Seguin at WRH and in keeping with our plan to be inclusive, DGN Aruna Koushik collaborated with a number of ethnic organizations, restaurants and groups to deliver food to front-line workers. By the end of May they will have provided 1030 meals and the program will continue as long as it is needed. In addition, she asked Rotarians to provide packages of cutlery with napkins. More that 2,000 packages have been provided to date…5,000 packages is the goal. Special thanks is extended to our hard-working Rotarians at WRH who are on the front-lines of this COVID-19 response: Gisele Seguin, Mander Matharu, and Linda Morrow and to our chief project creators and pick-up and delivery persons, DGN Aruna Koushik and Paula Talbot. We want to pay special tribute to TRFT Jennifer Jones for organizing a very successful Global Telethon. Also we give a big shout-out to all our Rotarians who have so generously donated to WRH, our projects and TRF Disaster Relief Fund. ___________________________________________________________________________

The Grosse Pointe Rotary Club used their $1,000 District grant to purchase and provide masks to Grosse Pointe Beaumont Hospital and several of its Urgent Care facilities. Diane Strickler has been helping at a food pantry. ______________________________________________________________________

Belleville Rotary has worked with the district to donate over $1000 to Friday Fill-up which helps to continue to feed school students and their families who cannot afford to feed themselves with out assistance from the school.  They are also providing food to anyone in the community that does not have the means. We salute the following folks from Belleville as well: Rachel Kozlowski – Technical Support for all GE Healthcare Radiopharmacies in the USA, Patti Monroe – Providing emotional and mental health support to families whose family members have died from COVID -19 Julie Hardy – Continuing to teach students at Northville from home. David Brown – Continuing to hold funerals through the pandemic


The Wayne Rotary Club seamstresses: Lynn Carpenter, Lois VanStipdonk and Pat Rice have been making face masks for St. Joseph, Beaumont Wayne, Fellow Rotarians, family and friends as far away as California and North Carolina. To date the three have made over 450 masks. Lynn Carpenter also sells her masks and donates the proceeds to the John Bolde Food Depot of St. Mary church in Wayne.  Other than Lynn’s sales, all masks are free with material being donated by our Rotary seamstresses.


District Governor John Chambers and the Detroit AM Rotary participated in the lunch program sponsored by The Neighborhood Service Organization in Detroit. The Detroit AM Rotary Club agreed to provide 100 sandwiches and other lunch items including drinks to Detroit’s Neighborhood Service Organization. Rotarian Joanne Lamar is a case manager and has been working with covid 19 patients.


Fairlane Sunrise Rotary Club has been very involved with the following Covid 19 projects and Outreach.
1) Vickie and Jim Perri have been staffing the Fish and Loaves Food Pantry every week and our duties at the pantry change as needed to meet the growing need of our clients.    We have also worked on providing 3 District 6400 grants fro the Pantry, one for $250.00, another fro $1,000.00 and a District 6400 area grant of $2,500.    The food pantry is taking care of over 30,000 people for several of the last years.  we also are handling a large number of emergency food supply cases every week, please refer to the video.
2) in addition to that John Williams has designed face masks for his wife Kay to Produce’
3) This past week we distributed Kids Against Hunger boxes to 4 food distribution or food pantry locations.
4) Anita Kalmar has been helping us get disinfectants for the Fish and Loaves Food Pantry
5) Sue Buerkle with her husband Mike have been able to supply gloves to the Pantry.
6) Emery Long has been with us many of the weeks in April and so far in May to help us staff and provide for those coming to get food. he is from the Romulus club.
7) Jazmine Danci and her husband John help us with a huge donation of food that helped us dramatically during the transition of us delivering prepacked grocery baskets to our food pantry clients, also from Romulus.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Northville Rotarians who donated snacks for the Medical Staff at Beaumont Farmington Hills.


The Adrian Morning Rotary Club had it’s first COVID-19 PPE distribution. We targeted two camps, but only one was available. We gave our Migrant workers COVID-19 information, local resources information, current Stay Home, Stay Safe information, and local business, City and Law enforcement expectations information, along with PPE gear that was donated by local service clubs, private citizens, and groups located in SE MI. They also want to Salute Dr. Mike Towler for his Dentistry work during the crisis and Sue Hammersmith for all they are doing in Lenawee County to keep safe. Other projects they are doing:

– $5,300 in donations to the Lenawee Community Foundation’s COVID 19 fund. (which supports the operations of food pantries, shelters, utility assistance and housing help) 
– $500 to our local homeless shelter – Share the Warmth (to assist with shelter in place mandate costs) 
– $500 and supplies to SE Michigan Migrant Resource Council (working with migrant workers to ensure they have PPE like masks, sanitizer)
– Stocking our Little Free Libraries with non-perishable foods and cleaning gear to help those in need
– Purchase of over 200 cloth face masks to be distributed to those in need through agencies that work with the socio-economically disadvantaged.  


 The Livonia AM Rotary Club is partnering with the Livonia Lion’s Club and all the other service clubs of Livonia, including several local small businesses to raise money and meals for St. Mary Hospital’s health professionals & staff.   Saint Mary Mercy Hospital has recently closed its coffee shop & gift shop and reduced the amount and variety of food available in its only cafeteria.  As a result, it is more difficult for staff to acquire food, especially when working long shifts spanning two meals, and working off-shifts.   Please donate to this very needed cause.    www.livoniaAMrotary.com/covid19


Grosse Pointe Sunrise Rotary Club is helping their community with contributions for food to: 

  1. Vet’s Returning Home in the amount of $500.00.
  2. They have madea $2,000.00 contribution to the Pope Francis Center in Detroit to help feed the homeless.
  3. The club’s Foundation Board approved a $1,000.00 contribution to the Angel Fund at St. Charles Borromeo Church, also in Detroit to help provide food for the homeless and neighborhood elderly.


On April 14, the Detroit Rotary Club Board set a club goal of raising $5,000 to address COVID-19 in the City of Detroit.  The plan was to put monies raised to address three identified issues:  1. First responders support; 2. Health care workers support, specifically at Sinai-Grace Hospital, which sits in the zip code with the highest rate of COVID-19 cases in the city; and 3. Food insecurity in Detroit. Detroit Rotarians responded with vigor, and within 2 weeks we had surpassed our target!  In fact, nearly $5,900 was raised from Detroit Rotarians and friends.  And it gets even more exciting from there!  DG John Chambers has added $2,000 from District 6400 in two grants, and The Rotary Foundation has supported with $2,500 for the City of Detroit with a grant through Area 1 clubs.  But wait, there’s more (as there always is in Rotary)! Through a connection was made with Pioneer Medical Research Foundation in Ann Arbor, which had a commitment to assisting in COVID response in the City of Detroit, and provided generous matching funds to the $5,000 raised by Detroit Rotary and also $5,000 raised by Rotary Club of Plymouth.  All in all, Detroit Rotary’s goal of $5,000 turned into approximately $25,400 spent on COVID relief in the City of Detroit and western Wayne County.  Our service partners for these funds include Salvation Army, Gleaners Community Food Bank, SAY Detroit, Sinai-Grace Hospital, and Feed the Front Line.


The Plymouth Rotary Club hosts Plymouth’s famous chicken BBQ each fall. When club members found out that the ER staff at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit needed donations of face masks for their staff, they donated 400 masks from our BBQ supplies and club members businesses to help hospital staff keep safe. Rotary in Action helping battle COVID 19! This afternoon the Rotary Club of Plymouth donated and delivered 300 face shields to frontline medical staff fighting COVID 19 at St. Joe’s hospital in Ann Arbor. Another 50 face shields were donated and delivered to the Community Opportunity Center (COC) in Livonia. COC provides care for people with developmental disabilities in group residential setting.


Kingsville-Southshore Rotarians are busy with three different community programs: Helping out the “senior” volunteers at the local food bank by helping them on all shifts. 3 days a week, the club has members hand out pre-bagged groceries, keeping people out of the food bank and reducing person-to-person contact at a bare minimum.  The clients wait outside and bags are brought out for them, at a safe distance of course.  The club is also sending one member per day to hand out breakfast bags from a local business. Greenheart Lunch Club is a school program that normally provides low-cost hot lunches. During this crisis, they are supplying free bagged lunches, and the club donated money to this program.


PP/AG Margaret Williamson has been hard at work, trying to significantly expand the scope of Launch Detroit.  She submitted a proposal on behalf of the Detroit Club , to be considered for a new RI grant, ‘Programs of Scale.’ The proposal, in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Dearborn, Trenton, Taylor, Toronto Sunrise, the FDIC,  RAGM-Rotary Action Group for Microfinance and Community Development, and Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business will establish a business incubator cooperative with two commercial kitchens, retail space, a food court, and meeting/training rooms. Additionally we will expand LaunchDetroit to eight additional cities in our district.  This project will meet the needs of entrepreneurs launching or expanding a small business.

Detroit Rotarians helping to bring a smile on peoples faces: Mebby Pearson has been delivering her home made pies to family and friends. Has passed on children’s art supplies to homebound children.   Meg Coughlin has delivered food and snacks to residents of senior care facilities.


We heard from Hines Park PM Rotarian Carrie Thorpe: “When a friend put out a call for “homemade” masks to help the staff at Detroit Children’s Hospital, we gathered those of us that can sew, gathered as much material as we could at the time, and a couple of us got together to figure out how to do this.  Through trial and error, we found that the following pattern worked the best, offering both a pocket for the filter and an easy to sew approach.   What it didn’t have was a nose bridge for the nurses, so we added one by sewing a piece of pipe cleaner (with the ends folded over so they aren’t stabby) in between the mask layers at the top of the mask (at left).  Also, with the elastic shortage, we replaced stringing elastic through the sides of the mask to cutting headbands in half and using them as the elastic, sewn to the edges of the mask, without obstructing the path for replacement elastic to eventually go through the masks.   Our group should have 250 masks finished by the end of the March 28th weekend (most of us are still working full time, and only 3 of us have sewing machines!), but then we are out of material so could always use donations of more 100% cotton fabric.

Have items to donate, or want to learn more about the project?  You can reach Carrie by emailing her, carrie.thorpe@gmail.com


Monroe Rotarians: Don Lieto, Bruce Diven, Mark Gonyea, Mark Kohler and Don Link have packed lunches for Monroe Public School students. They are helping many young children who depend on meals through a government program delivered by the public school system, since schools are closed.    Monroe Rotarians are providing volunteers to help package and box meals to be delivered by school buses to Monroe area students in need.   We need additional Rotary volunteers and friends (in good health), to assist us in packaging this food each week.  Volunteers are to meet at Custer #1 Elementary School on Hurd Road in the cafeteria on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Volunteers need to call Bruce Diven at 734-818-6808 to be put on the schedule and insure that we have protective gear for each volunteer.  Volunteers are asked to take their oral temperature prior to arrival at Custer #1 Elementary School.  If your temperature is at or above 100 degrees then PLEASE STAY HOME.  Volunteers must be able to stand and pack food for a 3 hour period. Also, Bruce Diven has been coordinating effort to make face masks for Rotarians and family members.  Kojo Quartey has be overseeing MCCC face shield production project.  Julie Everly has been overseeing Monroe Public Schools face shield production project.