District 6400 Proposed Incorporation

District 6400 Proposed Incorporation

District 6400 has never been incorporated.  During the last couple of years, conversation in a governance committee has occurred to explore Incorporation.  This committee did research, spoke with Rotary International staff, spoke to other districts which are incorporated and had many meetings.

Below are the documents for your consideration and review.  You may address any questions to Sue Goldsen, District Governor, sue@goldsen.com  and Wayne Titus, Immediate Past District Governor wbt@amdgservices.com

You will have the opportunity to address questions at District Assembly, which will occur on April 8th, 2017 at St. Clair Centre for the Arts in Windsor, Ontario.  After District Assembly, your club president will receive a ballot indicating the number of votes your club is allowed (based on your membership). You will be asked to cast your vote(s) and submit electronically back to the Governor by May 1, 2017.  The results of the vote will be announced at District Conference, May 11th through the 14th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why_Incorporate_Document –  Full information for your review
Proposed – D6400_Articles_Incorporation
FINAL- District 6400 By-Laws 032317 updated   3/26/17


Livonia Rotary Reverse Raffle

Livonia Rotary Reverse Raffle

April 24th, 2017

livoniareverse Flyer—click to download 


Taylor Rotary Club—Kentucky Derby Party

Taylor Rotary Club—Kentucky Derby Party

2017 Sweet Charities
‘Kentucky Derby Party’

April 26, 2017    5:30pm – 9:00pm
Hosted at the beautiful,  Bentley Banquet Center
646 Biddle Ave.   Wyandotte, MI
Tickets – $65 / person
includes dinner buffet, premium   open bar, dessert, coffee,
entertainment, raffles and    auctions!

Download Derby Flyer


LaSalle Centennial Rotary Club High Tea

LaSalle Centennial Rotary Club  High Tea

Sunday May 7th  2-4:30pm

Essex Golf & country Club



for  tickets

A Celebration of Mexican Culture

A Celebration of Mexican Culture

Leamington Rotary Club Presents


New Theme for the 2017-18 year has been announced!




Rotary International President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley made the case on Monday that protecting the environment and curbing climate change are essential to Rotary’s goal of sustainable service.

Riseley, a member of the Rotary Club of Sandringham, Victoria, Australia, unveiled the 2017-18 presidential theme, Rotary: Making a Difference, to incoming district governors at Rotary’s International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA.

Environmental degradation and global climate change are serious threats to everyone, Riseley said. “They are having a disproportionate impact on those who are most vulnerable, those to whom Rotary has the greatest responsibility. Yet environmental issues rarely register on the Rotary agenda,” he said.

Environmental degradation is one of the major threats listed by the UN’s High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change.

Riseley added, “The time is long past when environmental sustainability can be dismissed as not Rotary’s concern. It is, and must be, everyone’s concern.”

Find 2017-18 theme and logo materials

The president-elect challenged every Rotary club to make a difference by planting a tree for each of its members between the start of the Rotary year on 1 July and Earth Day on 22 April 2018. Trees remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which slows global warming.

“It is my hope that the result of that effort will be far greater than the environmental benefit that those 1.2 million new trees will bring,” Riseley said. “I believe the greater result will be a Rotary that recognizes our responsibility not only to the people on our planet, but to the planet itself.”

Securing Rotary’s future

In his address to the 2017-18 class of district governors, Riseley also urged clubs to improve their gender balance and lower the average age of their members.

Only 22 percent of Rotary’s members are women, up from 13 percent 10 years ago. At that rate, Riseley said, it will take another three decades for Rotary to achieve gender parity.

“Three decades is far too long to wait to achieve a Rotary that reflects the world in which we live. We need to make it a priority now,” he said.

Noting that 103 of the 539 incoming governors are women, Riseley said they are the type of women we need in Rotary, “leaders who will help Rotary connect with, and represent, and better serve, all of the members of all our communities.”

Riseley also believes it is imperative that clubs find ways to attract and engage younger members. Today only 5 percent of reported members are under 40, and a majority of members are over 60, Riseley told the audience.

“Consider what Rotary stands to look like 10 or 20 years from now if we don’t get very serious, very soon, about bringing in younger members,” Riseley said.

Clubs will make a difference this year through their own decisions, said Riseley, but it will take teamwork on a global scale to move Rotary forward and secure its future.

“We know that we can do more together than we could ever hope to do alone,” he told incoming governors. “I ask you to keep that spirit of teamwork and cooperation always in your minds and to take it back with you to your districts.”

See the announcement  here…  






Candidate for 2019-2020 District Governor Nominee Designate

26805001311_0d90c84066_zCongratulations to AG John  Chambers, a 12-year member of the Rotary Club of Detroit A.M., who was selected by the District 6400 Nominating Committee  as our candidate to serve as our District Governor in 2019-2020!

Per our by-laws:

The Governor shall also advise that a club may at this time, resubmit its previously proposed candidate who was not selected by the Nominating Committee. Such re-submission must be received by the Governor on or before 20 February.              Section 6 If no further nominations are received by 20 February, the Governor shall then declare, and notify the District in his next Governor’s Letter, the “official candidate” of the Nominating Committee to be the District Governor Nominee to take office as District Governor two (2) years from the following 1 July, upon his being duly elected at the immediate preceding Rotary International Convention. If additional candidates have been resubmitted on or before 20 February, the Governor shall declare an election to be held at the subsequent District Conference.


Larry Wright live on WJR

Listen to the interview here…

The Paul W. Smith Show Podcasts

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Today is the day, the final day for official visits.  Today I sat with members of the Redford Township Club to discuss how they can grow their club.  They are a small club who does a lot of great work in the Redford area including working at the Oktober Fest, Little free Libraries, sponsor students to RYLA, help with Goodfellows, Rotary Park Clean up and more.   They do great things in their community and just need a few more great community Volunteers to help them!   Thanks Roger and the folks who joined us  for lunch, it was  great conversation and fellowship.   fullsizerender16







Tonight it’s fun with the Hines Park Club!

Wow so much fun with this group.  High energy and high excitement with the  Provisional Hines Park Rotary Club.  It was my pleasure to hang with them and hear about all the fun plans and things they have coming up.  They did their first fundraiser a 80’s theme party and did awesome with it.  We will have some of the members get installed and celebrate with us at the membership luncheon and then stay tuned for more information on their installation celebration party in early December.   Cheers!  Thanks to the Dearborn and Dearborn Heights Club for helping this club form


October 19, 2016

Today was my visit with my home club.  I did not expect to be so emotional but I was.  What a great meeting!   Not only did I get a warm welcome home from the Rotarians from my club, but we got to celebrate the Service Above Self Awards, which we gave to many community members who are dear friends of mine.     The Adrian Morning Rotary Club does so much good in our community.  They are involved with help with the Childrens Advocacy Center, Boys and Girls Club, Little Free Libraries, Habitat for Humanity and so much more.  And I was excited because we will be installing 3 new members at the November Luncheon.   Today we celebrated some dear friends commitment to making our community a better place to live:  Chris Miller, Marcia & Guenther Lengnick and Bob & Muriel Bell.     They have all been true mentors in my life and am so proud of the great work they do!

Thanks Adrian Morning Rotary for supporting me as District Governor.   And special Kudo’s to Bob Gordon for his excellent and thoughtful leadership!